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"We are what we eat"

A central question in evolutionary biology is how differences in gene repertoire impact morphological and physiological diversity between taxa. To tackle this issue we must consider issues such as gene diversity, orthology assignment, patterns of gene loss, and the contribution of genome duplications and finally the interplay of these genomic events with the environment (natural selection). The central long-term objective of the Animal Genetics and Evolution group (AGE) is to elucidate and comprehend the evolution of complex traits and gene networks in metazoans and their impact on animal physiology and anatomy.

Research Lines

Lipidome Evolution in Metazoans

Lipids are vital components of all living organisms. Together with proteins and carbo [...]

Nuclear Receptors in Metazoans:…

NRs are triggered by specific ligands, including hormones, morphogens and dietary com [...]


We are currently investigating the evolution of gene families involved in vertebrate [...]

Recent Publications

Basal gnathostomes provide unique insigh…

Mónica Lopes-Marques, M., Ruivo, R., Delgado, I., Wilson, J.M., Aluru, N., Castro, L.F.C. Basal gnathostomes provide unique insights into the evolution of vitamin B12 binders [...]

Retinoid metabolism in invertebrates: Wh…

André, A., Ruivo, R., Gesto, M., Castro, L.F.C., Santos, M.M. Retinoid metabolism in invertebrates: When evolution meets endocrine disruption (2014) General and Comparative Endocrinology, 208 [...]